In the span of a short couple of years, John Bee, the man behind American Opera, has undergone some serious changes.

Following the 2011 dissolution of Your Best Friend, the Michigan band he'd played with for eight years, Bee set out on his own and began performing under the American Opera moniker, both with a full band and as a solo artist.

After leaving his hometown of Saginaw, Mich., he lived for a time in Chicago before finally landing in New York City. These movements, in addition to his busy schedule touring, could be the driving inspiration behind ‘Broken Roads,’ a track from American Opera’s upcoming EP, 'Your Songs,' due out July 2.

A fine example of Bee’s signature gravely vocals -- a key element in his brand of uncompromising indie folk-rock -- today's free MP3 is bound to give listeners pause.

“‘Broken Roads’ is an up-tempo barnburner about someone who is torn between helping rebuild their community and following their dreams,” Bee told “It’s bouncy, dynamic and fun.”

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