Need a summery pick-me-up? Then vibe out to Ontario's Amity Beach -- a Canadian group of young'uns with the power to turn cloud walls into blue skies.

The band's new single 'Sunday Nights to Infinity' fits right into the indie-pop landscape, somewhre between the anthemic choruses of Ra Ra Riot and Cape Cod yacht-rock of Vampire Weekend.

And fear not shark-ophobes: Amity Beach's sandy stylings have nothing to do with the killing grounds of 'Jaws.' Instead, they embody a rather freshwater perspective on pop music, employing crystal clear vocals as beautiful as the shores of Northern Michigan.

The band's debut album, 'Bonfire Etiquette,' is aptly titled, as this ragtag group of night jumpers sound like they're bottling lightning bugs, dancing around campfires and soaking up the sun on the regular. It's an interesting release coming from a band that hails from so far north. We guess that they just know how to channel the limited amount of warm weather they have.

'Sunday Nights to Infinity' is built around several intricate guitar licks, all woven together like a wicker picnic basket. So what are you waiting for? Open it up and enjoy a watermelon slice of music below.

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