Brooklyn alt-R&B artist Ang Low got bloggers talking with his debut single, ‘Life Goes Down,’and his follow-up song, ‘Can’t Describe Her’ doesn’t disappoint either.

Low trades the warm, soulful atmosphere found on ‘Life Goes Down’ for more sultry and experimental sounds in ‘Can’t Describe Her,’ which you can download below.

With ‘Channel Orange’’s breakout success still resonating with many listeners, there are no doubt plenty of Frank Ocean comparisons in Low’s future, but we also hear a bit of Andre 3000 in ‘Can’t Describe Her.’ Low’s fusion of electro-R&B mixes chiming keyboards, fluttering synths and the singer’s dreamy falsetto, ultimately making for an effortlessly cool love song.

Of the track, Low tells, “If your loving’s good, you won’t be able to describe it.”

While the song’s central sentiment makes for a sweet declaration, to us, Low is doing a fine job of describing what he means. If you like what you hear, keep an eye out for Low's debut EP, due out next year.

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