Congrats to Ann Pragg, aka Matt Radick, for winning's first-ever Crucial Cut of the Month contest. The Florida sing-songwriter's 'Demolition Dust' picked up slightly more than 36 percent of the vote, besting a March 2013 field brimming with great tunes.

Check back next week for a Q&A feature on Radick, whose Ann Pragg project follows stints in the bands Holopaw and Blood River. On May 7, he releases 'Bitter Fruit,' his debut full-length under the Pragg banner, and as you await the album, click here to download the wonderfully morose 'Demolition Dust,' if you haven't done so already.

“Thematically, ‘Demo Dust’ always had a kind of post-apocalyptic feel to it,” Radick told back in March. “You know, roaming aimlessly through wasteland wreckage after everything’s been blown up and scattered."