Singer-songwriter Anoop Desai, known the world over as the first-ever 13th finalist on American Idol, teamed up with ADHD and the band Phive for the new single 'Love War.'

If today's free MP3 sounds great on headphones or your computer speakers, it translates even better to Desai's live show, as he explains.

"It was almost like you could sense a change in brain chemistry when the song came on," Desai says. "Girls would jump on stage and start dancing; everyone was jumping with their hands in the air."

"As a performer, I know the difficulties of getting this reaction when your audience knows the song intimately," he adds. "To get it with a brand new song let me know we were on to something."

The humble singer was pleased with the production of the tune.

"Later in the tour, we started performing the song with live drums, electric guitar and keys," he says. "Adding the additional live elements helped put the whole vision into sync ... DJ and electronic shows [give me a] sense of camaraderie and total immersion in the music that I’ve only ever felt in that genre. That’s why it’s my home now. I feel, hear, smell and think the music in those environments."

"I'm so excited about 'Love War,'" Desai concludes. "It's an expression of the sound I've heard in my head for a while now, so it's amazing to see it come to life!"

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