Some bands will go to great lengths to fine-tune their music, and for Antennas Up, it took 30 days secluded in the woods of Maine. What resulted was a bit of cabin fever -- and their 2012 sophomore album, ‘The Awkward Phase.’ While that might have been the framework for the album, don’t expect to hear any Bon Iver or Iron and Wine impersonations here; in fact, the resulting album was a musical escape from the band’s self-imposed isolation.

The summer of 2010 in Maine found Antennas Up a long way from their home in Kansas City, Mo., and their 2008 beginnings. Since then, their songs have been featured in a national commercial and in the 2011 indie flick ‘Falling Overnight,’ and they've toured alongside the likes of Matt & Kim and Girl Talk.

‘Coming On,’ today’s free MP3 download and the second track from ‘The Awkward Phase,’ is an on-trend meld of Fun. and Phoenix, and it's certainly a far cry from Maine’s wilderness. According to guitarist Bo McCall, ‘Coming Up’ is the perfect example of how ‘The Awkward Phase’ was a reaction against the group's physical surroundings.

“In a lot of ways, the feel of it ended up being kind of a rebellion against the remoteness of our situation,” he told “To me, that is music that evokes sunny and lush locales, maybe a hot Mediterranean beach, about as far away as you can possibly get from being secluded in a little cabin in the woods.”

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