Apple is releasing a new version of the iPod Touch, three years after they released the last version, and well into an era when many users go straight to their phones for music.

The iPod Touch has much of the same features as the iPhone, and runs on the same operating system, but it doesn't allow users to make calls or send text messages. It does, however, come equipped with Apple Music. Coupled with the launch of that streaming service, the renewed investment in the iPod shows Apple doubling down on their commitment to put music back in the center of their business.

The new 16GB iPod includes a better camera and a faster processor, and costs $199 -- the same as the company's iPhone 6 but, of course, it doesn't require users to enter a cellular contract.

According to Apple, the processor is six times faster at performing general tasks, and 10 times faster when it comes to processing graphics. The rear camera on the device is bumped up to eight megapixels from the previous five megapixels.

Apple is also releasing a gigantic 128 gigabyte version of the iPod Touch for $399.

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