Apple Music has made a decent incursion into Spotify's territory, racking up 10 million users since launch, record label sources told Complete Music Update.

That's a much more specific (and optimistic) figure than what was delivered by Apple CEO Tim Cook to investors last week during the company's quarterly earnings call. Spotify, Apple's closest competitor, boasts 75 million total users. Only 20 million of those, however, are paid subscribers.

Apple Music is currently in its free trial period, but when that period ends, those 10 million users (plus whomever else has signed up by then) will either become paying subscribers, or they'll cancel the service. Apple Music won't have a free tier like Spotify's.

Complete Music Update reported that their label sources were happy about Apple Music's progress so far. Apple Music launched on June 30.

In the meantime, Spotify is doubling down on its deals with other content producers. They recently went live with an integration into the Nike+ Running app, and announced a content sharing partnership with the electronic music site Beatport.

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