Apples in Stereo have been known to take a few years off between albums; in fact, their most recent release, 2010's 'Travellers in Space and Time,' is turning two in a couple of weeks. The band's deliberate pace has apparently left drummer John Dufilho with some downtime to fill, and he's done it in the best possible way: by inviting some famous friends to contribute vocals to his latest solo project.

Titled 'John Singer Sergeant: The Music and Words of John Dufilho,' the album pays homage to the 19th century painter by lining up an eyebrow-raising collection of guests, including Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla, Ben Kweller, and Rhett Miller of the Old 97's. Due April 10, the 14-track collection follows Dufilho's self-titled solo debut, released in 2005. Take a look at the track listing below, complete with guest appearances:

John Dufilho, 'John Singer Sergeant: The Music and Words of John Dufilho' Track List:
1. 'Big Distortion' (featuring Will Johnson)
2. 'Mountains, Oceans, Elephants' (featuring Ben Kweller)
3. 'Jinxed' (featuring Robert Schneider)
4. 'Dizzy Joy' (featuring Sir Earl Toon)
5. 'My Own Worst Critic' (featuring Rhett Miller)
6. 'Married to the Sea' (featuring Marcus Striplin and Sarah Jaffe)
7. 'Birdy Num Num' (featuring Danette Dufilho & Letty Gomez)
8. 'Why Does Your Moog Effect Me So?' (featuring Brandon Carr & Dylan Silvers)
9. 'Kick Your Feet Up High' (Kid’s Song) (featuring CJ Davis)
10. 'Lazy Days Are Good' (featuring Erik Sanden)
11. 'Crooked Teeth Like a Broken Piano' (featuring Salim Nourallah)
12. 'Gone in a Second' (featuring Tony Miller, Sarah Jaffe & Spyche)
13. 'Normal Sounds Weird' (featuring Chris Walla & Racheldemy)
14. 'It’s Hard to Run Uphill On Stilts' (featuring Spyche)