In today's economic climate, it's nice to hear some banker bashing. Brooklyn band Appomattox have quite the talent for distilling stories of corporate greed and political insurrection into bite-sized pop hits.

The lyrics for their new single, 'United,' could basically form the backbone of a Steven Soderbergh drama. The song is about the long tradition of greed in Congress, and it's also a damn good synth rocker.

"'United' is a political song," singer Nick Gaynier tells "The lyrics are from the perspective of a smooth-talking corporate lobbyist who is wooing the morally conflicted (though not for long) politician into an immensely profitable career as a whore for campaign cash for banks, oil companies and weapons manufacturers."

"There is wide-eyed, almost romantic wonder from both parties at just how easy it is to get rich by helping the rich get more rich (by listening only to the rich)," he adds.

Download 'United' below and check out Appomattox's new album, '3Against2,' over on Bandcamp.

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