We were a bit underwhelmed by Arcade Fire's latest album, 'Reflektor,' and its 75-minute running length plus endless promotional stunts. But the band has been tearing it up onstage during its latest tour in support of the 2013 album.

And last night's show in Philadelphia offered a special treat for fans: a cover of hometown R&B-pop group Boyz II Men's 1991 debut single 'Motownphilly.'

It may not be the funkiest song ever played, or even attempted, by the 47-member all-white Canadian crew, but it's not all that terrible either. In fact, it's way more fun that anything the super-serious group has turned out in a while, so it gets points for that.

If you're keeping score, Arcade Fire have been hauling out cover songs during this tour, tying them to the cities in which they're performing. So they've covered Stevie Wonder in Detroit, the Constantines in Toronto and Devo in Cleveland (they're from Akron, but close enough).

They're in Connecticut tonight, so you can expect to hear some ... um, someone tell us who's from Connecticut again?

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