You don't need an itinerary to keep up with Arcade Fire's Reflektor tour -- you can figure out where the band is just by noting which cover song they played the night before.

They've taken to covering artists from the town they're playing, and since we've got new video (above) of the band performing the Pixies classic, 'Alec Eiffel,' that must mean they were near Boston last night (Aug. 19).

They were, in fact, in nearby Mansfield, Mass., and of all the covers they've played so far, this one might've featured the greatest number of oversized bobblehead characters on-stage.

Also during the show, frontman Win Butler provided a shout out to Boston-based charity Partners in Health that the band has long supported, reports Consequence of Sound. Butler said, "It's the coolest thing that came out of Boston aside from the Pixies."

When Arcade Fire were in Washington, D.C. recently, they covered one of Fugazi's great anti-anthems. Check out the video below.

Arcade Fire Cover Fugazi's 'Waiting Room'

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