Two days after announcing the release date for their fifth album, Everything Now, Arcade Fire may have given us the track listing and the cover art. We're saying "may" because the titles arrived in the form of anagrams from a Twitter account connected with the band, albeit unverified.

Pitchfork found a series of tweets from EverythingNowCo, an account that was referenced in the band's press release. This morning, the feed tweeted, "The @arcadefire asked us not to reveal the #EverythingNow track list, but they didn't say we couldn't do ANAGRAMS! So here we go." And with that, they unleashed anagrams for 12 titles, although they temporarily stopped after three when the band's lawyers allegedly tried to (unsuccessfully) stop them.

As it turns out, the anagrams, when rearranged, correspond almost exactly to a rumored track listing that appeared on Reddit yesterday (see below). Based on the anagrams, the opener would be called "Everything Now (Slow)," track seven is "Infinite Content (Fast)" and the next song is "Infinite Content (Slow)." The Reddit poster also listed a 13th cut, "Everything Now (continued)," although the final tweet possibly acknowledged that by cryptically adding, "And then you can start again."

If the track listing is correct, it means that "I Give You Power," a song they made with Mavis Staples that they released on the eve of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, did not make the final cut.

A little more than an hour after the tweetstorm, the same feed posted an image with no explanation that could possibly be the cover art.

Everything Now is arriving on July 28. Their beginning a North American tour on Sept. 5, although they will close out Lollapalooza on Aug. 6.

Arcade Fire, 'Everything Now' Possible Track Listing

1. "Everything_Now (Slow)"
2. "Everything Now"
3. "Signs of Life"
4. "Creature Comfort"
5. "Peter Pan"
6. "Chemistry"
7. "Infinite Content (Fast)"
8. "Infinite_Content (Slow)"
9. "Electric Blue"
10. "Good God Damn"
11. "Put Your Money on Me"
12. "We Don't Deserve Love"
13. "Everything Now (continued)"

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