Arcade Fire have always been an artsy band, but in their new video they take it to a more literal level.

Although they didn't have a show last night (which means no new local band cover song video today), the Montreal outfit just released the official video for 'You Already Know' (above) from last year's 'Reflektor,' and it's a lot like a piece of living art.

Set in a breezy ocean-side practice space, it features the band playing in front of portraits that come to life to perform alongside the group. Frontman/video director Win Butler is conspicuously absent throughout most of the clip, until his co-leader/wife Régine Chassagne eventually holds up a mirror revealing where he's been.

The tour resumes tonight in Winnipeg, so look out tomorrow for a cover of either the Weakerthans or Crash Test Dummies. Considering they covered Huey Lewis the other day, our money is on the latter. Check out footage from that performance below.