Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist and new solo artist Will Butler wrote a new song each day this week based on a news story in The Guardian, and his final entry is about ISIS destroying a museum in Mosul. Listen to it below.

Butler said the words to "By the Waters of Babylon" are taken from Psalm 137 of the Bible. "It’s a song of sorrow and rage from the mouth of a refugee whose city has been destroyed," he said.

I can’t imagine the sorrow and rage of the people whose lands have been overrun by Isis, whose family and friends are murdered, whose culture is being destroyed.

This song is not a policy prescription. The last lines should evoke horror. But the emotions behind the words are ancient and real.

Mosul is a part of our heritage, part of the world’s heritage, and the loss of its history is heartbreaking."

Butler previously covered the water crisis in Brazil, the Greek debt crisis and other hot-button issues during the songwriting experiment.

Will Butler -- "By the Waters of Babylon"