Now that the Arctic Monkeys have finally conquered America and are headlining music festivals all over the world, what's next for the British quartet? For frontman Alex Turner, it may very well be a superhero movie.

According to Miles Kane, Turner's bandmate in the side project the Last Shadow Puppets, he and Turner are planning on writing an X-Men-style superhero movie that takes place in the '60s.

Kane shared the information with Digital Spy in a recent interview. But since there's really no detailed info, let alone any kind of production schedule for this thing, we'll just have to take Kane's word for it.

He did say, however, that the movie would take precedence over working on a new Last Shadow Puppets album. So if you're holding your breath over one of those, you may have to settle for some razor-clawed mutant instead.

While Turner mulls over his future plans, check out the Arctic Monkeys' 'Snap Out of It' video to catch some of the singer's knack for the theatrical: