Music and the Olympics have gone together for decades, and this year's opening ceremony -- a tribute to British artists that included performances by Arctic Monkeys, Paul McCartney, Mike Oldfield and others -- is no exception.

But unlike the old days, when each summer or winter Games got one star-studded soundtrack record, the 2012 Summer Olympics have gone digital, with the music from the opening ceremony going on sale right away -- and a second collection scheduled to arrive as soon as the closing ceremonies have finished.

The first of the two sets, titled 'Isles Of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games,' has already topped the charts in multiple countries, including Britain, France, Belgium and Spain, while reaching the Top 5 in the United States.

Not bad for an $18 double album that weaves hits by established acts like U2 alongside classical numbers from the London Symphony Orchestra, tracks from U.K. superstars like Underworld and Dizzee Rascal, and music from artists who might be well known here, but generally don't grace the upper reaches of the charts -- like Chemical Brothers and Arctic Monkeys.

As previously reported, the Monkeys were a highlight of the Danny Boyle-directed opening ceremony, offering a set that included their own hit 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor' as well as a cover of the Beatles' 'Come Together,' both of which are featured on 'Isles of Wonder.' Their cover of 'Come Together' has  reached No. 14 on iTunes.

Listen to the Arctic Monkeys Cover 'Come Together' at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony