According to the latest rumors, Arctic Monkeys are making plans for their next album -- in fact, they've reportedly already chosen the studio where the sessions will take place.

While it's worth noting that this news comes from a fan-run Twitter account, it's pretty specific. According to @ArcticMonkeysUS, the band will be returning to California's Joshua Tree desert, where they recorded part of 2009's 'Humbug.' "Info comes from the top," reads the tweet. "I won't lose sleep if u don't believe it but you can't speak to my credibility. When have I been wrong?"

As the NME reports, this rumor runs counter to comments made earlier this year by frontman Alex Turner. "I think we're going to go the direction of those heavier tunes," Turner said. "It would be nice to record in Sheffield, which we haven't done for a while."

The band hasn't responded to the Joshua Tree rumor, but the tweet sparked a flurry of speculation that led to the #ArcticMonkeys5thAlbum hashtag trending in the U.K., so perhaps they'll weigh in on their plans sometime soon.