You know what was a crazy early-American concept? Bloodletting. If you were suffering from some sort of ailment (gingivitis or cancer or whathaveyou) a doctor would come over and let you bleed into a device that looked like an absinthe fountain. George Washington even did it. He died, but at least he tried it.

Which brings us to Colorado grit masters Arliss Nancy. Lead singer Cory Call sings like he just left a kickass Black Sabbath concert. He's hoarse and melodic at the same time, especially on 'Bloodletter,' off the band's newest release, 'Wild American Runners.'

"I was on probation, everything seemed like it was going to s---in my life, romantically, socially, financially," Call tells Diffuser. "Got to thinking about archaic medicine and people getting their blood drained for the sake of health. I felt like I had all these external forces draining me in efforts for what I needed."

Don't ignore these alt-country troubadours. Arliss Nancy have combined pure Midwestern fear with a natural rock feel, and they're only going to get better. 'Wild American Runners' is available now via Black Numbers.

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