ASTR’s ‘Operate’ was already pretty darn danceable before the Chainsmokers got their hands on it, but lo and behold, the NYC DJ and production duo were able to push the tune to the next level.

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, the brains behind the Chainsmokers, have taken everything from the big, shiny rock of the Killers to the reserved melancholy of Daughter and transformed it into something entirely new. Their versions of tracks allow listeners to re-experience songs like it’s their first time hearing them.

Hear the Chainsmokers work for yourself and grab ‘Operate,’ today’s free MP3. The remix stays true to the original by maintaining its dark, sultry vibe yet twisting it into something new that delivers even more punch.

“This is an official remix for ASTR via Neon Gold,” the band tells “We went with this sort of unique, dark, bouncy feel to the track that kept the integrity of the mood of the song but took it in a different direction than the original.”

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