Following the release of last spring's in • ter a • li • a, At the Drive In have something special lined up for the Black Friday edition of Record Store Day. They will release 'Diamanté', a 10-inch EP that will arrive on Nov. 24.

“How do you weaponize the insatiable thirst for life among vultures?" the band enigmatically asked in a press release. "How do you deprogram the coroner dissecting hiatus? What light beckons you from the sewers of suggestion? Is your instinct extinct? Or does it hide in the flash burn of counterfeit automatons? 5 boys with guilty slingshots swaying to the Midwitch Sound. Blinded by the Diamanté.”

The record was produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez at Hamburg's Cloud Hill Studio this summer. It consists of three songs, "Amid Ethics" and "Despondent at High Noon" on the first side, with only one track, "Point of Demarkation," slated for the second.

in • ter a • li • a was the first new music from the band since 2000's Relationship of Command, and it came five years after they reunited in 2012. In addition, several members have been involved with side projects. Rodriguez-Lopez formed Crystal Fairy with members of the Melvins and Le Butcherettes, while drummer Tony Haijar worked with Queens of the Stone Age's Troy Van Leeuwen and Mastodon's Troy Sanders in Gone Is Gone.

At the Drive In will tour Europe from Nov. 13-29, and have another stretch of European dates booked from Feb. 22 through March 18, 2018. For full details, check their website.

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