Seattle quintet Atomic Bride have created a set of four mesmerizing tracks on their latest EP, ‘Electric Order,’ which lands Sept. 14. We say mesmerizing not just because the group knows how to craft a fine-tuned song, but because they also serve up some seriously gritty psychedelic pop that might leave you in a trance by the EP’s end.

If you’re willing to risk getting sucked in, grab today’s free MP3, the EP’s title track. Here, Atomic Bride sing hypnotically about a cult called the 'Electric Order,' and according to the band, they intended the tune to have a magnetic vibe.

“‘Electric Order’’s cult theme was inspired by the Who’s ‘Welcome,’” the band tells “Those neato throwback sounds on the keys are actually sampled from an Optigan; a keyboard devised in the ‘70s by toy company Mattel, the makers of Barbie!”

The song immediately draws listeners in with its opening line, “Welcome my friend.” It continues to bounce along with punctuated beats until co-vocalists Astra Elane and Chris Cool chant, “Now you are bound by the Electric Order.”

You might be a follower of the ‘Electric Order’ by the song’s end, but hey, we can think of worse things than being fated to listen to new Atomic Bride material.

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