As 2012's road trip season begins, AT&T has released a new commercial that cleverly advertises the company's 4G network coverage. In a 30-second spot, AT&T drives a couple from the West Coast all the way home to Brooklyn, N.Y. with the help of music from Interpol, John Denver, George Strait, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Ace Frehley.

The AT&T 4G commercial kicks off with the traveling pair streaming the song 'The Heinrich Maneuver' by Interpol -- off of 2007's 'Our Love to Admire' -- via Spotify on one of their cell phones. They appear to be cruising through California, soon hitting Colorado, where the sunny skies turn to snowy mountains, and the playlist turns to John Denver's 'Rocky Mountain High.'

Seconds later, the ad shows a 'Don't Mess With Texas' bumper sticker, and the woman (played by Ingrid Haas) happily sings along to 'All My Ex's Live in Texas,' a classic hit by country king George Strait. Her significant other doesn't seem quite so happy about her connection to the tune.

They move on to stuffing their faces with beignets in New Orleans while the AT&T commercial fittingly changes the song to Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Born on the Bayou.'

"The perfect song for everywhere can be downloaded almost anywhere" is the slogan of the commercial that is heard as the couple returns to Brooklyn, listening to Ace Frehley's 'New York Groove' with the New York City skyline in the background. "It's what you do with what we do," the ad reads. Thanks to AT&T's 4G network coverage, they were able to create the perfect road trip playlist for their cross-country ride.

Hear Interpol's 'The Heinrich Maneuver' + More in AT&T's 4G Network Road Music Commercial

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