Seth Meyers’ 8G Band, helmed by the host’s former Saturday Night Live castmate and Portlandia comedian Fred Armisen, often has a rotating cast of star guest musicians that has included the likes of St. Vincent and Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis. Earlier this week, erstwhile Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler (aka Carlos D) joined the lineup.

Dengler’s Late Night appearance marked his first time playing bass live in nearly 10 years. "First time in almost a decade playing bass live today for 'Late Night With Seth Meyers," Dengler tweeted, "two magical words that saved the day: muscle memory."

Meyers’ guest and 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan even called Dengler out mid-interview. “I like that bass player,” Morgan said. “That’s my bass player over there.” When Meyers prodded, however, Morgan admitted he didn’t know Dengler. Watch the clip at the top of the page.

Dengler co-founded Interpol in 1997. He parted ways with the band in 2010, last contributing to their self-titled full-length that same year. Interpol most recently dropped El Pintor, their first album without Dengler, in 2014.

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