Last night's show by metalcore band Attila at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Live ended when frontman Chris Fronzak launched into an expletive-filled tirade at the venue's security. During it, he punched a security guard in the back of the head.

Although we don't have footage of the incidents that provoked his outrage, the videos posted to social media and Fronzak's post-show tweets (embedded below) suggest that he was upset at the way security was treating those who were crowdsurfing.

"We're never playing Vegas again," he said. "Because of your bullshit security motherfuckers. This dude right here," as he singled out one guard and sucker-punched him. "You fucking bitch. Fuck you, you pussy bitch. ... You're gonna kick out our fans 'cause they crowdsurf?"

In the video uploaded to YouTube, you can see that the guard was being held back by his colleagues, and led over to the side. But that didn't calm down Fronzak. He grabbed the mic stand and threw it in the guard's direction.

"You wanna fuck with Attila, bitch?" he continued, before throwing the microphone at him. He chucked a towel into the crowd as he left, at which point the fans began chanting "Fuck you."

"Man I wish y’all could see everything I saw from my point of view," Fronzak tweeted this afternoon. Of course the videos only show me after I fucking snapped. The videos don’t show these abusive motherfuckers that were choking my fans and powerslamming them into the concrete."

"These dudes last night were on a power trip," he added. "A 120 pound crowd surfer with a smile on their face isn’t a THREAT. You don’t need to go out of your way to assault that person. It’s a god damn rock show."

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