While some bands might write depressing and potentially sappy ballads about how their one true love broke their hearts, Avenue of the Giants have decided to take a different approach with their new single, 'Burn.'

"'Burn,' the lead single, is lyrically about literally wanting to watch the memory of an ex-love burn away in therapeutic fashion," the Atlanta band tells us. "It's also about overcoming that same pain and obstacle with the mantra 'the impossible is possible if we stay in the fight.'"

Off the band's upcoming debut album, 'Just Between Us,' the song kicks off with a steady electric guitar riff that forms the first rhythmic layer on the track; that is, until the drums come in with a wicked and raspy howl from vocalist Paul-Devon Lewow.

From the meaningful and memorable chorus of "The impossible is possible / If we stay here and fight" to the dynamic guitar solo in the midsection, 'Burn' is a clear sign that rock music is alive and well in 2014.

Avenue of the Giants' debut album, 'Just Between Us,' will be released on Sept. 9 via Terminus Records. Get details here.