If there's one thing you'll learn from a Bad Think's new video, it's that you can run for only so long until you get caught.

Set in a large estate complete with winding staircases, cavernous tunnels and an outside labyrinth, 'On and On' finds Michael Marquart, a.k.a. a Bad Think, trying to avoid two women who spend most of the video looking for him.

While we're not exactly sure why he's hiding from them, or why they all live in the mansion, we get the idea that it's not about the why but about the what -- and that he's trying to get far, far away from the women pursuing him.

"[It's] a tale of deceit and betrayal that ends sadly for the poor soul who falls for the two beautiful women, who take advantage of his love for them," the Virginia Beach-based Marquart tells us. "Good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, love vs. lost. It all goes 'On and On.'"

By the end of the video, all of this running around finally catches up to Marquart, who once played drums for a Flock of Seagulls. We don't want to spoil the ending, so why don't you just check out a Bad Think's video for 'On and On' above. It's an exclusive premiere.

A Bad Think's upcoming album, 'Sleep,' comes out on June 17.