There's a lot of evidence to suggest that emo (at least it's earliest iteration) is making a comeback in modern rock music. Philadelphia's Balance and Composure pick up where Sunny Day Real Estate left off, but they add absolutely brutal layers of blitzkrieg distortion.

The band's latest single, 'Reflection,' remains restrained from the first snap of the snare to the violent guitar-heavy ending. The group seems to defy sonic physics by balancing consistent harsh noise and melodic vocals. After each hook, B&C sound as if their chord progressions could be ripped apart like a blown speaker. But they keep the dial right under 10 the whole time.

"This song is about seeing the world how you want to see it and not letting anyone else's views sway you," Balance and Composure's Jon Simmons tells

"I always struggle with just accepting happiness," he adds. "It's about letting a moment of being content stay with you. The song is me, sort of arguing with that feeling by knowing I need it and not pushing it away this time."

Spoken like a true disciple of emo rock! The band's loud-as-hell new album 'The Things We Think We're Missing' is out today, Sept. 10, via No Sleep records.

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