Balmorhea are one of those bands whose name is basically impossible to pronounce, and their new track 'Pyrakantha' isn't much easier. Luckily, it's way easier on the ears than it is on the tongue.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Balmorhea started releasing their gorgeous, progressive instrumental albums in 2007 and have since won accolades from every corner and toured alongside Fleet Foxes, Deer Tick, Tortoise, and Bear in Heaven, to name a few. Their new album 'Strangers' is out Oct. 2 on Western Vinyl, and today they're offering up 'Pyrakantha' for free download on

A track that shimmers and builds across a wide sonic palate, 'Pyrakantha' is perfect for a Saturday morning in summer.

''Pyrakantha' is a strange song to me because it starts in one place and ends in a completely different place," Balmorhea's Rob Lowe tells (No, not that Rob Lowe.) "It was also fun matching instruments that wouldn't typically be matched (like microKORG and ukulele). I think we are going to try and expand the sound and outline of this one live to incorporate all of our players. Should be fun."

All Balmorhea's players amount to six members, including a double bass, cello, violin, banjo and melodica, whatever that is. Whatever it is, it sounds lovely to us. Grab the track below.

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