Seattle indie-rockers Band of Horses are set to return with their fifth album, which will be produced by Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle. They broke the good news in a statement on Soundcloud:

“Hello friends of the horses!

How are you? Here is some news! We’re excited to tell you that we are in the studio working on a new album that we hope to release later in the coming year. We are working with the incredible Jason Lytle as producer. You may recognize his name as the head scientist of the band Grandaddy. We can’t wait to finish this thing up and get it out to y’all!”

The forthcoming album -- the Horses’ first since 2012’s ‘Mirage Rock’ -- is yet to receive an official release date outside of “the coming year,” but in the meantime you can tide yourself over with their brand-new Christmas song, ‘Hang an Ornament,’ which they also recorded with Lytle.

“In more good news, we have also teamed up with Mr. Lytle for a Christmas kind of song to bring you some seasonal good tidings or something,” the band added in the statement.

Take a listen to ‘Hang an Ornament’ below: