If you’re anything like us, you’re always searching for a new song to add to your rotation of the same-old Christmas tunes. Thankfully, singer-songwriter Matt Sucich has debuted his holiday-oriented song, ‘Snowflakes and Falling Stars,’ just in time for Dec. 25. Take a listen to the ridiculously lovely song below.

In a Facebook post, the Queens-based singer said he wrote the song two years ago -- just about the same time his album, ‘Layers,’ arrived. (More recently, Sucich released a brand-new single, ‘The Lonely Dreamer,’ which you can grab on iTunes.)

All of Sucich’s output exemplify why the singer-songwriter has gained so much traction as of late: earnest, thoughtful songwriting paired with Sucich’s undeniable talent as a vocalist. ‘Snowflakes and Falling Stars’ simply adds an extra bit of sweet, twinkling magic to the equation, making it the perfect Christmastime listen.