Sitting among the shattered remains of some unlucky tableware, BaneCat tells his owner, "Ah yes! I was wondering what would break first!" Such is the force of nature known as BaneCat. He knows all of your secrets, including where all of the cat toys are and how to reach them.

This video of BaneCat may be the best use of soundbites from 'The Dark Knight Rises' ever. And we want to know who spent the time and effort to make that menacingly cute cat-sized mask and coat. That is just perfect. Or should we say "purr-fect"? (Sorry.)

What is the hidden story behind this nefarious feline criminal mastermind? To what evil purpose is his will bent? Is he protecting Spike, the sickly family dog?

CatBane and Spike may well hold a special bond that compels CatBane to seek vengeance against the society that spurned them -- or against their owner for hiding the cat toys. We may never know the truth.