Punk worship made its way to Budapest, Hungary, approximately 17 years ago, and that led to the creation of the Eastern European state’s most infectious rock protégées: Bankrupt.

The melodic three-piece’s newest EP, 'Goodbye Blue Monday,' is a bit idiosyncratic -- that is, a lot can get lost in translation -- but it remains a stirringly accurate portrayal of punk that plays like a mix of MXPX and Rancid.

The band, meanwhile, insists that their tunes are more in line with the Ramones. That might be so, from an outsider’s prospective, but when listening to their single 'Monday Morning,' you can’t help hearing ‘90s-tinged surf -- with a bit of added turf from singer William’s vague, blunted accent.

"’Monday Morning’ is reminiscent of 'London Calling'-era Clash with a touch of early Cure, and if you’ve ever had a job, you won’t have problems identifying with the lyrics,” the band tells Diffuser.fm.

But when you listen closely, the track reveals even more punk references; backing vocals worthy of a Wavves tune hold court next to a Libertines-esque chorus. Pretty impressive. It’s time we started paying attention to the Eurozone’s musical offerings.

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