Southern alt-metal outfit Baroness have posted a lengthy response to a female music journalist's claims that she was sexually assaulted by a male audience member during a one of the band's concerts in England last month.

Earlier this week, Redbrick writer Rosie Solomon posted a blog in which she said she was assaulted at the band's show on Feb. 29 at O2 Ritz in Manchester. You can read the story here, but she alleges that a man repeatedly grinded into her despite her attempts to dissuade him, even following her after she moved to another spot. Solomon said the man continued to do the same thing and make unsavory remarks. After the show, she told venue employees she wanted to report him for sexual abuse, but he disappeared. She called the police and Solomon said they were extremely responsive and compassionate.

But the members of Baroness are not at all pleased that an assault could've taken place at their show. The band posted a link to Solomon's blog with her permission, calling it "the worst review we've ever gotten" and told the man in the article to "stay the f--- away from Baroness and our audience. We don’t need you at our show, we don’t want you in our audience."

The band's statement also reads: "We have no tolerance for sexism, or any form of intolerant or insensitive behaviour. In Baroness’ real, functioning touring-world, we are witness to daily proof-by-example that gender exerts no weight on the scales of capability, strength or intelligence... Additionally, we are extremely sensitive to the gender-disparity that can exist, especially within the world of rock and metal music and we are embarrassed and disturbed that Rosie, or anyone, for that matter, could have had such a terrible experience at one of our shows."