Singer-songwriter Larkin Grimm says Swans frontman Michael Gira of raping her while they worked together in 2008 while she was recording her album Parplar for Gira's Young God label.

Grimm made the allegations in a Facebook post and said Gira continued making unwanted sexual advances for months after the alleged incident. Grimm said she later confronted Gira, who then dropped her from his label. Gira responded to the accusations (also on Facebook) and called them "a slanderous lie."

Gira then posted his response to the allegations:

Grimm told Pitchfork:

I am not in this for vengeance. I am not angry. I do not want Michael Gira to have his life destroyed. If one in four or five women has been raped, we have to acknowledge the possibility that one in five men might be rapists. What are we going to do with them all? Send them to jail for 10 years and cut off their dicks? NO. It is the whole culture that has to change. We have created this epidemic of harassment and disrespect and violence together. We have to end it together.

Swans are an experimental rock outfit formed by Gira in New York City in 1982. They've released 13 studio albums and 11 EPs.