The first day of school doesn't have to be terrifying. In fact, the first day of school doesn't have to be the first day of school. That's the lesson poppy L.A. punkers Batwings Catwings teach in their new video for 'September,' premiering today on

The clip centers on an adorable young girl clearly not stricken with the back-to-school blues. Full of purpose and resolve, she jumps out of bed, brushes her teeth, trades her rad Thrasher tee for a snazzy new outfit and heads out the door, smiling all the while. Maybe she knows the walk to school will lead her past a cute little kitty, and that she'll spend the day loving on the little furball instead of learning a bunch of crap she'll never need to know.

"It's loosely about the first day of school and actually not going," BWCW drummer Clay Johnson says via email, citing the line "we should never move faster than nature" as justification for our heroine "hanging with a cat named Diego instead." Or does she wind up doing the responsible thing and making it to class?

"The meaning is up to the eye of the beholder though, of course," Johnson says.

'September' is the second single from Batwings Catwings' awesomely named 'Whoa' EP. Click here to see the video for the title track, then head to the band's Facebook page for more valuable life lessons and fuzzy rock 'n' roll.

Watch Batwings Catwings' Video for 'September'