His may be a familiar story -- Midwestern songwriter follows indie rock muse to New York City -- but Cameron Matthews is far from typical. With the help of his Bear Ceuse bandmates, the St. Louis native makes big, brisk, vaguely twangy rock 'n' roll songs like 'Dixie Brothers,' a standout track from the foursome's forthcoming debut album, 'Don Domestique.'

Speaking of stories, Matthews -- a music journalist nearly as handy with the computer keyboard as he is with the ol' six-string -- offers a Hollywood-worthy synopsis of today's free MP3.

"'Dixie Brothers' is about the best little whorehouse in Tennessee colliding with a ragtag group of brothers who simply want to get their freak on," he tells Diffuser.fm. "But alas, someone ends up falling in love. That's when Pimp Jeb comes in to beat the bejesus out of poor William. Wow, I should totally write a sequel to this."

Grab 'Dixie Brothers' below -- and keep an ear out for the next episode.

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