The long rollout for Beck's new Colors album continues with the premiere of "Square One," a track from the highly anticipated LP that fans can catch a glimpse of in the trailer for season 2 of HBO's Divorce.

"Square One," which you can hear in the trailer embedded above, marks the latest in a lengthy list of pre-release tracks posted prior to Colors' arrival. Since last summer, when Beck announced his intention to put out a "celebratory" new record that fall, a series of cuts earmarked for Colors have made their way online, including "Wow," "Up All Night," "Dear Life," and "No Distraction," along with a brief bit of the title track.

Basically all that's left is to wait for the album itself — and fans won't have to hold out much longer. As previously reported, Colors is scheduled to arrive in stores Oct. 13, ending a long drought between LPs that stretches back to the release of 2014's Morning Phase. As tends to be the case with his catalog, this latest outing represents a sonic shift for Beck, furthering a tradition that — as he recently told the Current — he feels lucky to have the freedom to continue.

"People have indulged me. There is a little bit of danger in trying things; you might fall on your face or something might not quite come together. I'm a believer in that it's part of a process, and if I can help it, I try to weed out as many of those failed experiments before I make anybody hear it," said Beck. "That's part of why this album took so long, was [I was] just trying to get all my bad lyrics and melodies that didn't work out of the way and try to get to the heart of the matter."

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