Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Belk’s new commercial suggests a variety of fun ways to celebrate. The ad features the charming tune ‘What I Wouldn’t Do’ by A Fine Frenzy, aka American singer-songwriter Alison Sudol.

The track is from her sophomore record ‘Bomb in a Birdcage,’ which dropped back in 2009 via Virgin. Although the song’s lyrics refer to romantic love, its light, carefree sound is well suited for the feelgood clip honoring the upcoming holiday (watch below).

‘What I Wouldn’t Do’ was also used in the ‘Admission’ trailer, as well as a 2010 ad for British clothing retailer Matalan. Several of her other tunes have surfaced in such TV spots as ‘House,’ ‘CSI: New York,’ ‘Defying Gravity,’ ‘Wildfire,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Private Practice’ and ‘The Hills.’

If you’d like to hear more from A Fine Frenzy, check out her official site, where you can listen to a sample of her 2012 LP, ‘Pines.’ Her latest album also comes with an animated short film and interactive e-book.

Hear A Fine Frenzy’s ‘What I Wouldn’t Do’ in the Belk Mother’s Day 2013 Commercial