Ben Gibbard has said it before, and he'll say it again. In fact, he does say it again: His popular electronic music project with producer Jimmy Tamborello (aka DNTL) known as the Postal Service has no intentions of ever recording a follow-up to their sole full-length album, 2003's 'Give Up.' "There are no plans to make a second record," Gibbard tells Spinner. "I can't say that enough."

In fact, it seems like the Death Cab for Cutie frontman is pretty much done with electronic music overall.  "I find that making music in computers involves a lot of mouse time," he explains. "I don't have an aesthetic for that. Keeping up on new software technology, I'm not particularly interested in that."

Besides, the singer adds, the intense desire for another Postal Service record has attached grand expectations to the project that they could never fulfill. "I think people like the idea of a second Postal Service record better than they would like the second Postal Service record," he reasons. "It's the desire for something one can't have, the anticipation of possessing something is more fulfilling than actually having something."

Then again, Gibbard will never say never. "The door is not closed," he concludes. "But people shouldn't hold their breath. You're going to pass out if you do."