The Record Store Day exclusives just keep on coming. This Saturday (April 20) saw the release of a new Best Coast 7-inch single titled 'Fear of My Own Identity,' and the warm and fuzzy little nugget of tambourine- (and booty-) shaking goodness will sound mighty fine spinning around your turntable with a needle riding its grooves. But if you don't have a record player -- or you're just still deciding whether you actually want to pick it up on vinyl -- you can opt for the less glamorous option of listening via a YouTube stream. Check it out below.

If you do pick up 'Fear of My Own Identity' on vinyl, you're in luck: You will also get the excellent 'Who Have I Become' -- a track that hasn't found its way online yet -- on the flip. To be honest, we're not certain that track is excellent -- that's just what we've heard. We don't have 'Fear of My Own Identity' on wax yet, either.

Listen to Best Coast's 'Fear of My Own Identity'