Best Coast have released a Funny or Die lyric video for the song 'This Lonely Morning,' and instead of throwing words onto a screen with psychedelic colors and shapes, like most groups do, they head to the tennis courts for something a bit more playful.

Dressed in a plaid skirt and vintage Joni Mitchell tour jacket, singer Bethany Consentino challenges bandmate Bobb Bruno to a friendly match. While Bruno initially looks ready to play, Consentino starts serving balls that hang in midair, each displaying a word from the song. Within seconds, it's obvious that Bruno can't keep up, and the multi-instrumentalist instead shields himself from the flying balls. Of course, it's all in good fun, and the two are later found playing their rackets like they are electric guitars.

'This Lonely Morning' is the latest single off the band's recently released EP, 'Fade Away.' Best Coast is currently in the studio with producer Butch Walker to work on their next full-length album and will hit the road with Pixies in February.