Best Coast are back! The second album by the California duo, 'The Only Place,' won't be out until May 15, but you can listen to the first single, its title track, below. If you like it, you can get a free download by submitting your e-mail address in the widget.

'The Only Place' is propeled by a two-guitar attack and fuzz bass. Singer Bethany Cosentino jumps in early and sings a sun-kissed ode to the joys of living in her native Los Angeles.

"When we get bored we like to sit around and stare at the mountains, at the birds, at the ocean, at the trees," she declares in the verse before asking in the chorus, "Why would you live anywhere else?"

Best Coast's 2010 debut album, 'Crazy For You,' was promising. It had good songs, but they were often marred by too much reverb and Cosentino's wavering pitch. Here, Cosentino sounds much more confident. Whether that's the result of being more experienced or working with producer extraordinaire Jon Brion, who doesn't need to overdose on reverb to fill up the sound, is irrelevant. Based on this one song you can hear that 'The Only Place' is one to look forward to this summer.

Listen to Best Coast's 'The Only Place'

9 out of 10 rating

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