Best Coast are from the West Coast, of course, and they certainly aren't shy about how much they dig their side of things. "Why would you live anywhere else? / We've got the ocean, got the babes / Got the sun, we've got the waves," frontwoman Bethany Cosentino sings on the title track to 'The Only Place,' the band's latest album and a love letter of sorts to California. 

Why live anywhere else, indeed? If you have any doubts, check out the just released 'The Only Place' video, which offers a virtual checklist of reasons you too should love the Golden State: cruising down the coast with the top down, playing on the beach, hanging by the pool, drinking in the sun. Also, there are some pretty cool fireworks. And who doesn't like fireworks?

If nothing else, Bethany and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno sure know how to have fun in the sun, and come across as nothing short of the endearing buddies you would want showing you around town next time you visit Los Angeles. And there are so many postcard-ready moments, you may just want to send the whole thing to your friends back home.

Watch Best Coast's 'The Only Place' Video