The various free MP3 downloads we offered in June may be our most diverse group yet. At the very least, we can say with no doubt that it's the greatest and most wide-reaching batch we've ever given away. There's some power pop. Some old-school indie. Some Britpop. Even a twangy acoustic song that reminds us of a certain country-pop princess. Dig in. There's plenty of killer cuts in our 10 Best Free MP3 Downloads of June.

  • Big Eyes, 'Being Unkind'

    For an indie band with both Brooklyn and Seattle connections, Big Eyes sure do pack a power-pop crunch on the super-catchy 'Being Unkind.' Credit Kate Eldridge, who adds some sweetness to the song's perpetual fuzz. Just in time for summer too.

  • Emergency Door Release, 'Chester Zoo'

    Emergency Door Release haven't been around all that long, but they come from a long tradition of British musicians who like to stir things up. 'Chester Zoo' starts as a pensive folk tune before blasting full force as a new-millennium take on classic Britpop.

  • Hooverphonic, 'Unfinished Sympathy'

    No big surprise that Belgian group Hooverphonic cover Massive Attack's classic 'Unfinished Sympathy': They pretty much follow the British band's template on their original songs. Their cover of the 'Blue Lines' cut is wonderfully subtle in its approach.

  • Lawnmower, 'Team Spirit'

    The Michigan-based Lawnmower sound like everything you loved about 1991: fuzzy, crunchy Dinosaur Jr.-style guitar heroics, Superchunk-cribbing melodies and a low-fi squall that falls somewhere between DIY punk and power-pop release. Yeah, 'Team Spirit' rocks.

  • Little Big League, 'Lindsey'

    These Philadelphia indie rockers are all set to release their debut album, 'These Are Good People,' soon. The first taste of the LP, 'Lindsey,' features a powerful vocal by Michelle Zauner, who applies Neko Case's torchy twang to punky zest.

  • The Pedaljets, 'Conversations'

    It's been 23 years since Kansas' the Pedaljets released an album. To put it in perspective, 'Nevermind' wasn't released, Guns N' Roses weren't considered classic rock and people were still buying Paula Abdul records. 'Conversations' sounds like 1980s college rock.

  • Paper Lions, 'Philadelphia'

    The opening of 'Philadelphia' makes Paper Lions appear to be wispy hippie drips, sorta like a Canadian version of all those Fleet Foxes-style groups we can't keep straight. But they soon kick in with some mighty powerful rock crunch, and all is forgiven.

  • Random Holiday, 'Walk Before You Run'

    The Virginia band Random Holiday just added a major life achievement to their "done" list: They graduated from high school. The lovely acoustic 'Walk Before You Run' is a nod to their passing teens as they head into adulthood. Mom and dad get shout-outs.

  • Steel Phantoms, 'Curtain Call'

    One-half of this Brooklyn duo used to play drums in Islands, so heavy percussion attacks are a big thing for Steel Phantoms. The rhythmic 'Curtain Call' is more about those pounding beats than big melodies, but the mid-song switch is a neat twist.

  • Doby Watson and Margo May, ‘Gingham Sheets’

    The twangy acoustic 'Gingham Sheets' splits the difference between delicate boy-girl indie pop and Taylor Swift. May is a former 'American Idol' finalist; Watson is a fixture of Kansas City's music scene. Together they craft the sweet, sexy 'Sheets.'