This week's playlist features punk rock, songs about isolation and a few dreamy tracks that will help you unwind this weekend. All in all, they should help you leave your troubles behind and start enjoying your time off from work.

  • 'Stranger In Moscow'

    Tame Impala

    Psych rockers Tame Impala recently dropped their cover of Michael Jackson's 'Stranger In Moscow,' one of his more obscure singles. Tame Impala perfectly capture the song's message of isolation and loneliness.

  • 'Locked in a Cage'

    Brick and Mortar

    Hailing from the homeland of American treasure Bruce Springsteen, this drum-and-bass duo has been making some strange waves in Asbury Park, N.J. The lyric video for their new track 'Locked in a Cage' might disturb you slightly. But the song is good enough to warrant the occasional nightmare you may or may not have afterward.

  • 'Taking Chances'

    Sharon Van Etten

    As fans wait for Sharon Van Etten's new album, 'Are We There,' to come out in May, we have this track to slake our thirst for her enticing voice. This song is made up of layers of clean, cutting guitars and synths over hypnotic drums. It's bliss for your ears.

  • 'No Rest for the Wicked'

    Lykke Li

    Somehow, Lykke Li manages to always sound like her recordings came out of a 50-year-old time capsule. At the same time, though, the production on 'No Rest for the Wicked' sounds modern and fresh while maintaining the singer's ability to draw on the ghosts of music past.

  • 'Drown With the Monster'

    White Lung

    White Lung, if you don't know, are one of the best new punk bands around. Hailing from Vancouver, their decidedly un-polite sound flies in the face of the Canadian stereotype of the always-nice pushover. 'Drown With the Monster' will get your blood and your legs pumping, and you'll be moshing in your living room before it's over. It might freak out your cat, but whatever.