We counter this week's four soothing pop songs with one raucous guitar-heavy garage rocker. No matter how you take them, they all make an excellent short list of songs by artists you should be listening to. Some of these musicians, like Phantogram and Chvrches, have been enjoying time in the spotlight recently. Others, like the Coathangers and Tei Shi, are up-and-coming future hitmakers. Give 'em all a listen ...

  • 'Follow Me'

    The Coathangers

    This punk-rock outfit from Atlanta began as a joke, but thankfully they've kept on putting out albums. 'Follow Me' is the first track off of their upcoming album 'Suck My Shirt.' The video features fellow Atlantians Mastadon disguised as the Coathangers playing this ripper of a track.

  • 'Team'


    Lorde is the hottest artist to cover these days. Everywhere you turn, some band's doing their version of 'Royals.' So it only makes sense that Chvrches, who enjoy performing the odd cover now and then, got in on the act. They chose Lorde's newest single 'Team,' and it's a mesmerizing rendition. Definitely worth a listen or three.

  • 'The Big Dream (Moby Reversion featuring Mindy Jones)'

    David Lynch

    David Lynch has put out a couple of albums in between making movies people like but don't understand. His latest, 'The Big Dream,' came out last year. He's now releasing an EP of four remixes, including this Moby "reversion" (who knows?) featuring singer Mindy Jones. Like most things Lynch, it's haunting, and it'll be inside your head for some time.

  • 'Never Mind the End'

    Tei Shi

    Brooklyn singer Tei Shi got everyone talking with the recent release of her debut EP, 'Saudade.' Now she has a video for the track 'Never Mind the End,' where she dances seductively before smothering an old man with a pillow. Disturbing? Yes. Great track, though? Absolutely.

  • 'Fall in Love'


    Phantongram have been all over the place lately. They teamed up with Big Boi for a track, got down with the Flaming Lips and just released a new album. 'Fall in Love' may be a month old now, but we can't stop listening to it.