That’s the thing about summer: It’s over before it feels like it’s started. By the time September creeps back around to ruin everything (no offense, September, and thanks for the football), you’re left with scattered memories of sweltering days, potato salads and sunburns – all of which seem like they’re from yesterday and a million years ago at the same time.

If you’re on this page, that means music was also probably a big part of your summer. Whether you spent two days sweating at Bonnaroo or just overplayed your own personal summer anthem during every commute to the office, when you hear a particular song or album that was intertwined with events that occurred during the past three months, it’ll likely evoke at least a little nostalgia for the summertime.

That’s exactly why we need your help. We’re assembling a list of all this summer’s top music – from the best song to the best tour – and we want to know which ones resonated with you the most. Before you get too wrapped up in back-to-school shopping or fantasy drafts, please take a minute to vote in our polls below. Because when somebody asks us someday what the summer of 2014 sounded like, we’d really like to have a definitive answer.