Nick Scalise and Gregory Shanahan of Bestfriends have taken a hands-on approach to creating their breed of indie-pop-electronica, and they’ve carved out a niche in the genre. The Chicago-based pair have a vision, and they ensured its realization by taking complete control over their 2012 self-titled EP. Not only did they write and perform the six-track EP, but they also produced, mixed and mastered it. They even directed a couple of accompanying music videos.

Their distinct vision has paid off, resulting in songs like ‘A-Sides,’ which we’re offering as today’s free download. It’s a fun, poppy tune ready-made for summer, reminiscent of the joy that emanated from Cults’ 2011 debut album. But Bestfriends offer a fresh interpretation, with vocals that give a hint of R&B, a la Mike Posner.

Although ‘A-Sides’ is undeniably a dance track, Scalise told that the wrappings contrast the song’s message.

“A-Sides is a nostalgic summer indie dance jam," he said. "There comes a point where you have to decide what defines you as a person. Success? Love? Power? Are you willing to sacrifice one of those for another?”

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