Minneapolis composer and DJ Big Cats has been generous enough to contribute the swinging, soft groove-filled intro track 'One,' from his full length 'For My Mother,' to our daily MP3 giveaway series.

And it literally is for his mother -- the record is a tribute to his mom, Christie Wirth-Davis, who died of ovarian cancer in 2010. Out this October, 75% of proceeds from 'For My Mother' will go to ovarian cancer charity. So get the track here free, and then go buy the record!

In spirit, 'One' is how you might imagine feeling on a midnight joyride on a magic carpet through a smokey haze. Seriously.

"'One' was the first song I made for the album, and the track that best represents the album as a whole. It sets the tone, both sonically and stylistically, for the rest of the record," he tells Diffuser.fm.

'For My Mother' will be available to the public on Oct. 2 on CD and vinyl. Album pre-order and tickets can be purchased here, and you can download the song 'One' for free below.

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